Skye Ume

The Crimson Cat

♠Soldier, Adventurer, Danger Cat♠

Homeworld - Mateus
Discord - skymes
Status - Alive
Mare - On Request

Name: Skye Ume
Aliases: 'Leftenant', Captain Ume, and Skaptain Leapfrog.
Race: Miqo'te
Gender: Female
Nameday: 13th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Age: ???
Height: 4 Fulms 10 Ilms
Eye Color: Firey Gold
Build: Lithe, Wiry
Homeland: 'Limsa Lominsa'
Guardian: Menphina
Professions: Captain, Adventurer, Mercenary, Gunner
Affiliations: Maelstrom - Officer

Skye Ume is the exact opposite of what one would expect from Maelstrom’s Finest. Cutthroat, sleazy, and just a little lazy, the Crimson Cat can oft be found with her feet kicked up and a drink in her hand; especially if she’s meant to be on duty. Despite her inclination to let vices take hold, the siren song of adventure is too strong to resist. Of course, only a fool would go out alone. Any adventurer worth half their weight in gil understands the importance of allies, meaning Skye is keen on seeking out new companions. Putting both leisure and appearance aside, the Leftenant is proficient in her craft. Battlefield prowess comes naturally, and she always works to ensure efficiency in a fight.The Miqo’te’s past is shrouded in mystery, starting with a strange surname that lacks any real significance. What’s even more interesting is that - despite being a Seeker - Skye carries no markings nor traditions that are common with her kind. Should this odd veil over her history prompt one to dig deeper into the Officer’s origins, all there is to be found are service records and an extensive medical history. Though, that beckons a single question: Why concern yourself with events long passed? It’s best if you just kick up your feet, share a drink, and play a hand of cards with the Leftenant. Who knows? You may just end up making a friend out of the Crimson Cat.

Discord: skymes
Datacenter: Crystal
Server: Mateus

Hello everyone, my name is Skye! I am always looking to make new friends and further Skye's relationships, so don't feel shy to send a tell if you see me in-game. I am 24 years old and live on EST, although my sleep schedule can be hectic.I am open to most themes that you may offer, though I ask that you avoid maiming or severely injuring Skye without at the very least asking for permission first. Death is a big no-no! No ERP either; Skye is happy in her relationship!Should you find yourself needing a friend or someone to talk to, I am always around, I will gladly offer my time.I also have a personal carrd that I update sometimes with stuff that I do, check it out if you want. __Skye's Lab__Thank you for reading. I look forward to meeting you.

(Common) The Leftenant: Skye serves under Maelstrom as a Captain, though for a period of time, she remained a First Lieutenant earning her the name 'Leftenant' by those who knew her. Being so high up in the chain of command has its perks, but she knows what it is like being lower enlisted and is always willing to give her attention to those that need assistance.(Common) The Gun for Hire: The Miqo'te has earned quite a reputation for being reliable with a gun and swift to solve any issues. Though her primary duty is working for a Grand Company and redressing aetherical issues for Aetherwatch, she is not one to turn down a job in exchange for Gil or even services.(Uncommon) The War Veteran: During the war, you meet many new faces that you may never end up seeing again. Mayhap while passing through, you have found yourself in the service of a red-headed sergeant with the knack to shoot the shit and collect your Gil in a game of cards.(Uncommon) The Technician: Often seen with some form of technology on her, whether it be magitek, allag, or something never seen before. It is safe to assume that those tools that you can see are not just for show but have a use. If there is something that needs fixing or looking into, then perhaps it's best you leave it to the professionals, so long as it isn't another broken toaster.(Uncommon) The Eyes: It is no secret that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Skye. Her lack of clan markings, her strange aura of warmth, or the way she carries herself. But the most notable feature is those flaming eyes of hers. Unique in nature, usually the first thing people notice as they feel her gaze fall upon them from malms away, and could be seen even in the dark.